Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yes, Ack. I am sitting in the Starbucks parking lot, using their internet to pay my bills. My aunt added "U-verse" to her part of the house, knocking out my DSL and they can't get me back until Tuesday. ONE whole week total outage! I am losing what is left of my mind.
On Thursday I typed the following in a word processing program to let out my angst.

I will see you all again Tuesday and I am SO missing my cyber pals!

I am having internet issues. You don't realized just how 'addicted' you are to your internet access until it is denied to you. After moving in November I have been only able to use the internet when I am ‘in town’ at work. I can get only dial-up at the new house. Granted, I used to adore Dial Up, I thought it was the Bee’s knees. However, much like driving a NEW car makes you unhappy with your old one, so does DSL make you malcontent with dial-up.
Worse yet, I am experiencing random ‘outages’ at my shop. So, I am here, with a few spare moments in which I could read blogs, post to my blog, email, facebook and all my other weird addictions and ALAS, no internet. I am forced to type on a word processor and copy to my blog later. I have been ‘on the net’ since 1993, or so. 15 or more years of addiction! I remember how cool we thought ourselves when “IMing” with our friends overseas from the college computer labs. Those days it was nothing like today, less user-friendly, no applications, no animated smileys and so on. I went for a brief spell after college with no internet at home, but VERY brief. Now I can’t even imagine a world without the internet as my ‘sidekick’. I could give up many modern conveniences, even GOD FORBID, our TV, but the internet is my social network.
I didn’t come to town yesterday, choosing ‘going without’ and it was fine, but being HERE looking at my keyboard and wondering what all my ‘web-friends’ are doing is killing me.
Do I think a little less online time would be good for us all, yes, but for the love of God, AT&T get my DSL back up before I blow a blood vessel!---


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your internet troubles. You are so right about about how much we miss the blogging and internet world when we don't have it!! When I was away in Jan for 2 weeks- I had to go to a coffee shop - it's not the same as sitting leisurely in you home with a cup of tea chatting with friends in blogland!!!

Hope all gets back in order soon!


Mrs.RGS said...

If I could strap my laptop to my body I would -- that's how addicted I am. I feel your pain!!!