Monday, December 22, 2008

A little silly in my life

My friend Kathy came by today with a broken ornament. It was an applesauce/cinn. ornament her kid made in school. Her kiddo didn't know it had been 'mortally wounded' so she brought it to me for 'fixing'. I glued her head back on, but alas it was an obvious fix. How does one cover a glued on head? With clothes of course!

Now we noticed after making her lovely 'baby doll' dress that she just was a bit 'too shear' for our liking so I made her little cotton panties should she come upon a heater vent when walking about.
The lovely red satin choker and 'diamond' broach cover her decapitation scars. I made a little round piece of paper for Katlyn to color and put her 'face' on. I hope it turns out as fun as her dress. I left the dress plain hoping she would 'bedazzle' it as a third grader should!

So, that was my silly kindergarten fun for the day! I kind of like it!


Daryl said...

TOO cute!
Love it... esp. the panties!

Anonymous said...

What a fun way to cleverly remake a broken ornament - Kindof like when life gives you lemons...

Congrats on your eggs!! I bet they taste twice as good coming from your girls!



Merry Christmas, Chez!!