Friday, December 12, 2008

Too proud?

Well, I won't win any builders awards, but on Monday I got fed up with my hens living in a dog crate during the night. My hubby works retail so his help was unlikely if not laughably impossible. I built a hen-hut, by myself. I used two FOUND doors, scrap lumber and all different size nails/screws as I found them in my still unpacked 'tools'.

First I put this lovely roadside door and attatched it to the beam in the old barn lean-to, then affixed this strange left behind green wood to that and fixed the 'hole' where there is a step down in the lean to.

At this point I ran out of nails and went for my screws and came back to the girls checking the place over.
After they had approved the plan and reccomended some upgrades (heat, plumbing) I called my union rep, they called their lawyer..... I was able to get back to work.

I added a nest box put the top half of the side on...added a hinged door on the other end, I called it quits for the night.

They happily slept there the first night, but Tuesday night I found them in their crate. I dragged them out and put them to bed. Paris lived up to her namesake and was as dramatic as could be. Lucy took it like a lady and Pearl fairly enjoyed me holding her, even letting Duncan pat her while I had her.

Here they are on thier roost below their nest box. They are wondering what kind of sick paparazi takes flash photos at eight pm, they threatened a call to the lawyer, but I tricked them. No phone in their new house!

I still need to put a 'predator' roof on. I am going to use an old storm door so they get maximum light. I am also going to put a 'lip' on that cabinet (trash) turned nest box, so they don't roll their eggs out on the floor (Thanks Daryl for reminding me)
I hate to admit how proud I am of myself. It isn't perfect, it isn't going to win any design competitions, but I did it MYSELF!

What have you done to be proud of this week?

Hopefully, I will get to enjoy the last little warm snap this weekend and take my horse out for a gallop.


Scroungeman said...

Looks like they will have a nice home! You could even turn the nest box sideways and divide it into two boxes. In addition to a board to keep the eggs in, you might put a small "porch" on the bottom so they have a place to land before going inside the box. It will make it easier for them. All-in-all, a GREAT job!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I am sure your chickens are enjoying their new nest! Gosh I would love to have those doors to do some decorating with!!

You asked what I've done to be proud of this week. Well I finally had a little dinner with some lady friends. I used to do this all the time where I am from but just didn't have the confidence or something since I've been here- ended up being 4 of us (was to be 6 but weather changed that) and we had a wonderful time!


Barb said...

Good for you for utilizing materials you have, and just going for it!
A girl after my own heart.

Congrats on your 100th (or so) blog,and what a great idea your giveaway is.
I should do a give away too, as i am a new blogger. Pretty good chance of winning since i don't think many people know i am there. =0))

Barbara Jean

solarity said...

I love that it's all made of leftovers! Lucky chickens.

Mary Anne in Kentucky