Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coop of dreams?

If you build it....

They will lay?

I got home after dark last night (5:30pm) and went to tuck in the girls. I went in and heard them happily clucking away. I always flip open my cell phone so I can see them to say "g'night ladies". As I was closing my phone my mind registered a 'weirdness' in the nest box. I didn't think they would be laying a week after I built their house (to the day), but my brain said "they have knocked a big section out of their nest or something'. I flip open the phone again and see IT! A perfect little egg. It is perfect and about half the size of a Large Egg. I am almost positive the 'layer' is Paris. She just looks a little more grown than the other gals. I almost want to skip my workout tonight to go home and be the one to see if there are MORE! :-D

The girls are earning their keep now. This morning I gave them the crumbles out of Duncan's Shredded wheat bag as a 'reward'. Tomorrow I might even buy them some crickets!

I am about to be independent of Grocery store eggs! WOO HOO!


solarity said...

Happy First Egg!


Hi Chez,
Nothing better than fresh egg(s)!!
Hurray and enjoy!!
Merry Christmas in your new Home.