Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last day to enter!

Today by 3pm (EST) is your last chance to enter my Giveaway. Please sign up now if you still want a chance.

Here is a random picture of the farm a few weeks ago when it was snowy. Now it is just ICE covered! I hope the ice melts and we can walk and drive safely soon.

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Anonymous said...

The picture is lovely though I know how you feel about all the ice!! We had ice last week for several days and I was constantly unsure of my footing. Have good snow boots but I don't think anything helps with ice!!

I am so glad you have been gifted an egg already from one of your chickens!! I have always wanted to have chickens. While we were doing the FPU class one of the ladies with lots of chickens would give us 3 dozen a week!! 13 weeks of 3 dozen! Had to give some away but my I love fresh eggs! Just used the last of them up.