Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like....

Christmas at our home!

I guess I can do a cyber tour.


Our 'woodland' themed tree ended on the sunporch this year. I have dreams of a white tree with all pinks for next year.
I decorated Grandma's drum table with some poinsettias and Garland. I have to say I love the picture of Duncan, I paid $5 for an artist to make it when we were on vacation in Florida.

Here is prooof that our tastes change. When I was given the reindeer above I was 20 years old and it went with NOTHING I owned and I didn't know what to do with him. I put him up those years anyway. This year I adore him and put out Grandma's old oranaments with him. I am looking for a few new gold items to put with him as I am out shopping today.

Here is where you can have a snack on the sunporch, enjoying my gold reindeer and the view of the snow on the lawn.

And last but not least I hung my dear friend Billy's stocking on the head of the guest bed, he is the friend most likely to sleep here over the Holiday season. If he comes to visit I will be sure to fill that tin with goodies and love.
At the foot of the guest bed, I put some pink ornaments in a dish as a reminder of how pretty my little white tree will be with them on it.

I will share more of my home later this week, I hope you come visit again.

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Looking great! That is a ncie drawing of your son.
Have a great week and fun shopping.
Deb :)