Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Once upon a Mantle

When we toured the house the fireplace looked like this....

Last Christmas it looked like this..... Saturday early evening it looked like this..... Saturday by late evening I was covered in paint and it looked like this.....

Then by evening....it looked like.............TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!! After a year and a bit I got my mantle. I bought the parts, took the measurements and was the idea guy...my lovely neighbor Randy did the cutting and some of the assembly. I did the painting...the finish assembling and Jay helped me screw it in place. I could not be MORE in love with it. I actually pause to look at it every time I walk by.

I had given up looking for mantles at the stores, b/c a much more boring one than mine was 155 dollars and that was a 'cheap' one. I bought the parts for 36 dollars, and we used some of Randy's scrap (see above link) for the face board....and the actual shelf....and I owe him a few hundred snickerdoodles, but still a good deal!


solarity said...

Yay, mantle!

I miss my mantles at the old house. They were too close to the stove pipes to be really safe, but they were so useful.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Anonymous said...

Great job on the mantle!!!I love a mantle for stocking holding!

Have blessed Christmas!


Daryl said...

You did most excellent creating, scrounging and bartering. Way to go... beautiful results!