Friday, December 18, 2009

Broken, my heart

I knew it was coming and I am still in shock.

Wednesday night, my beloved and loyal dog of 16 years, Reckless was failing in a way that begged me for mercy. I did the hard thing, swallowed my breaking heart back down and made the call for her. She was euthanized in my arms, on my sofa by my friend and Vet.

To strangers she was mostly aloof, to squirrels she had been a menace, to me she was ever loyal, with Duncan she was every patient. She was a thread tying my teens (19) to my adulthood. She knew me WHEN...for more things than I can say.
May the rainbow bridge resound with the sounds of her running fast today!



My heart is sad for you. I so understand the decision as we had to make the same one in May :(

Joanne Kennedy said...

While that is the hardest thing to do it is the final act of love you can show your beloved fur baby.

I'm so sorry for you and I understand the pain you are going through now.

Rest asured that your baby is running and playing again like when he was a puppy.

Bug hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your sweet pet. We have had to make the same decision for one of our sweet pets and it is heartbreaking.


solarity said...

Hobie (who only made it to 15) promises to wait for her at the Bridge--and he'll let her chase him if she wants. (Stony came over and put his head on my arm as I was typing this, so he sends a nudge, too.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Susan Anderson said...

That made me teary. I'm so sorry for your loss.