Monday, January 11, 2010

Homemade Egg Noodles--tutorial

Since I mentioned making homemade noodles this week, I had two friends ask how. These are both women who can and do cook well and often from scratch. So, I took some photos as I made them.
The recipe I used yesterday was 2c. Flour, 1 t. salt and three eggs.

There are other recipes, many asking for one whole egg two yolks, x amount of water, I like the simple way.

Start with a clean counter, yes I said ON YOUR counter. (you are excused and may use a bowl or cutting board if you have grout lines on your counter). Dump your flour onto counter. (yes right on your counter, isn't this fun?). Add your salt (see my measuring spoon?)

Mix your salt in thoroughly. Make a well in your flour. Drop in eggs.

Begin mixing eggs and as they beat up nicely bring the flour into them. Do not knock down your walls this is the only way I can imagine messing this up. As the flour joins the eggs and becomes a dough you can get your hands in their and pull it together with your hands. (bottom left below) Knead a little, roll out thinly.(top right below)

Dough rolled thin (your choice I like rustic thick type egg noodles in chicken soup). Fold in fourths (above bottom right)

Cut folded dough with knife or pizza cutter into strips. Lay on towelling to dry (about an hour or two depending on humidity). Bring your water, stock or CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP to boil

add noodles, cooke until al dente (varies on thickness).


Oh adn for those of you having kittens about the is how you fix it. Scrape up counter before trying to wash. It is like playing with play-doh, but not as time consuming as bread or other doughs.


Jaci said...

Yum! are you gonna share?

Daryl said...

Your noodle virgin pal in Maine is grateful for the tutorial! THANKS!

Great photos, chickie!