Friday, January 1, 2010


Each year I write things i want to get done/do in the year. Last years list consisted of some simple items and some attainable goals. Many of them related to my horse. She got injured, I didn't do many of them. Also I tend to put things like "lose X lbs" Read my bible EVERY day.

Then completely unrelated to the YEAR it was, I thought about how I rarely talk to my Dad, thinking...if he just called me TEN minutes a week. So, since I cannot change that or him I can call him...and I can do OTHER ten minute things.

I can ignore that cookie for ten minutes, walk for ten minutes, read for ten minutes. In reality those minutes may spread....and I am not giving myself a bunch ultimatums.

SO....So far today I have called my grandmother for Ten, spent Ten putting on mascara, wiping down my counters, drinking my water and putting some moisturizer on my face.

So you want to do TEN for 2010 with me? If you can commit 10 a day...10 per waking hour.......whatever...join me!


solarity said...

I've been trying to get myself on the exercise bike for ten minutes minimum. I'd rather walk, but I hate the cold, and when I have no daylight time I don't want to trip in the ruts and have no one expecting me home but the dog, so the bike should get a lot of use in the winter. It doesn't. Just TEN Minutes!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Anonymous said...

How I wish I would have thought to put my name in the planner! Silly not to have!

Praying your 2010 is just wonderful!!

The 10 minute thing sounds good- now figuring out what I would do with the 10 minutes!


Anonymous said...


rita said...

I think your idea of 10 minutes is a great one. I think walking 10 minutes and spending 10 quality minutes each day with hubby are good goals for me.