Friday, May 1, 2009

Shiny AND Smart

This is my beloved friend, Daryl. We have a funny saying we share. We are Shiny AND smart. It all started when we barely knew each other. We were both groomers, discussing online our desire to become certified. We became 'list pals' and realized we both had similiar plans. We chose to do our certification together. One of our first 'big trips' was to Dallas, TX for a symposium. As I was buying the little toothpaste, little shampoo and other trip essentials I got a cute little thing of facial scrub and mud mask. We arrived at the hotel, still relative strangers and began to chat and unpack our luggage. As I got to the facial stuff and said "oh I bought this for us...." I then said "so we can be shiny and smart" It struck Daryl as funny and became a theme. I think of it when I am hyperfocusing on something. We learned alot that weekend, had flawless skin, laughed until we almost died, nearly made an instructor asphyxiate during a demo we did (with classmates) and generally laid the foundation for one of my favorite friendships.
Daryl is kind hearted, sweet, a great cook, a great hostess, shiny, smart, a talented writer and much more. She is the perfect balance of support and reality. Never allowing me to wallow in negative emotion, but yet letting me have a moment when I need it.

You are welcome to 'share' our saying. :D We have plenty more!
Click on her picture (above) to see her blog.

Oddly, this picture said 'shiny and smart' to me....b/c the point is we are multifaceted like the jewels that we are. She is shiny and smart and can shoot the lint out of your belly button. I am shiny and smart and am unafraid to gallop on a 1200 pound beast through the woods.

I love you Daryl!

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