Friday, May 18, 2012

So many projects so little time

Well, this is the start of ONE of my projects.  In the back are jump poles (think horses) that I painted.  I have cut this old door down (Was glass at top) and am making my new coffee table.  I have spindles from my Dad's old house to build the legs.  THey are also cut.  Now the question of the hour:  How do I find time to sand the spindles, paint the parts, paint again, distress, assemble etc. ?  I need a maid and a yard guy so I can do more of these projects!  LOL   But then I would have to work MORE hours to pay them.  Vicious circle.  I often wonder how other bloggers get so much stuff done.  I am picturing some sweat shops in their garages, honestly! 

I am always proud of my projects when they are done, but sometimes they feel daunting when I start.  I remind myself that I planted roses this weekend, filled out rest of front garden, weeded and put mulch around the property.  I can do step at a time!

HOpe you guys are are all conquering your PILE of projects too!

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