Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day gift to myself!

I should probably NOT be going on Craigslist and typing in things like "buffet" or worse yet, for me, "Horse".   I did it last week though, I didn't buy a horse or even tall boots, I found this lovely buffet.  I have been desiring a sideboard/buffet for a long time.  I got the price I wanted for her and after some planning to go get her (an hour away).  She came home.

She isn't without "issues"  Slightly too large for where I wanted her, I chose another wall, and if I center her under the windows you might not make the stair corner with a load of towels in a basket!  While watching someone else flip over a buffet might be good slapstick, it's not most realistic for daily living.  Well now she is just not quite right here.  I will figure it out.  Maybe moving my "almost finished" china cabinet to the right. (That's another story!).  Then there is the "What color do I paint her issue?"  I love the white, love grey, contemplated a bright undercolor with grey or white over and let life distress her.  
Then there is that SHIP!  Look at the top pic!  A lovely ship is on the bottom drawer!  Do I make a circle around it and not paint that section.  If I do that do I refinish the top to match?
Also she had been in storage for awhile so I had to scrub her pretty good and I am gonna do the insides with a dilute bleach solution again to get the "storage" smell out of her.  By the time she is painted and refinished she is going to be JUST what I wanted.  Now, can I buy TIME on CL?

Tell me what you think!

 By the way, MARY some of the goodies you gifted me when I first moved are in the cabinet to the left see if you an find them!  Proof that the picture wasn't staged is the dust on said items!  LOL

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