Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Obstacles

It's one of "those" days.  I am feeling in a panic for no "real" reason.
Not that I don't have reasons to feel pressure.  I am running my business, raising my special needs teenager, caring for my menagerie and trying to keep fit and healthy.
I often feel one or more balls are falling while I juggle, occassionally clattering to the floor and rolling away from me.  I don't call it failure as long as I crawl under the sofa of life and grab the cobweb covered ball.
This weekend I have a Father's day gathering at my house Saturday and a horse show Sunday.  I am telling myself I am not worried about the show but I am having nightmares where my boots fall off while I am riding, I would say that's a sign!  Reminds me of the 'showing up to a final exam for a class you forgot to attend' dreams of my college days.

I realized today though, that like a jump course, you are never jumping 10 or 12 jumps at once you are doing them in sequence.  So, I am going to acknowledge my obstacles and start hopping over them.  I will get the house clean enough to have company, host a fun gathering, clean my boots, braid my pony and do my best at the show on Sunday.  I choose to see the blessing that is the life I am leading right here and right now!

What obstacles is making you overwhelmed and how are you going to tackle it today? 

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