Thursday, October 22, 2009

This weeks THEME?

So this week I have been trying to be a good FLYbaby. I also managed to listen to a little blurb of Dave Ramsey and go to my weight watchers meeting.

Seems the theme for this week was "Every day" Dave was saying every month you give up cable, and every month you put money in savings and every month you.... Then Flylady reminded me that every day I need to shine my sink, 27 fling boogie and let go of perfectionism. Then every week when I weigh in and say "next week I'll do better" I am reminded. I have to do it day to day to day. It is tedious, it isn't the answer we want.

We might not be able to buy that cool new item or buy a vase to fill up the space on that shelf, EVEN IF IT IS CHEAP. We may not be able to have our PERFECT. we get up and do our best and stop comparing ourselves to others on all planes. No comparing your house to your neighbors (whether better or worse), no comparing your butt to some super-model's butt, and no comparing your budget to your friends.

Live it one blessing at a time...

So flybabies and non...go do something to make YOUR home, yourself and your budget happier. In the end WE are happier when those things aren't stressing us out!

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Dogwood said...

Thanks for the important reminder of accepting what we have and who we are and not go around comparing with others...

Have a nice day.