Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A fall visit

Fall break was last week. My cousin and her five (5) kiddos came to the house to play. There are basically NO photos of the older boys, because my husband has a playstation 2. BOYS!

Here are Duncan, Venyua and Pupstar enjoying the hay.

Here is Duncan showing Kadeza HIS log.Venyua and Bing enjoying some 'log time'

Niyah, Kadeza and Duncan skipping down the driveway....and my cousin, Sabrina has her head in my viewfinder! :D
For city kids they took to our place like it was home. I was happy they came! I hope they come again soon!


Dogwood said...

Looks like lots of fun! City kiddo in the country! Oh, how fun. I am sure they will return soon for more country fun!

Have a nice evening!

Daryl said...

Duncan looks so GROWN!! Great pics, thanks for sharing.