Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They MADE me do it!

Okay so Joy has been using burlap alot and I like it. I have been resisting. Honestly I shouldn't be doing crafty stuff because,my spare bedroom still isn't completely unpacked...or even CLOSE....and I have a few more cabinet doors to paint in the kitchen. I was being good, I was resisting....BUT....then NESTER blogged about a Tutorial the other day.

So, I could NOT resist any longer.

I purchased my burlap, did NOT measure, did not use stencils and made my own (much smaller banner).

This is also my "new" bookshelf/dresser combo. (Goodwill 25 bucks) I am probably going to paint it, but as for now it works. I have crammed a few Fall decos on there, including the Flowers above which need some work (they were given to me when Grandma moved this summer).

Anyway, I like my little Fall banner and it was easy. If you are anal follow the tutorial above, if you are like me....cut them approximately the same, paint them free hand, sew together roughly with twine/hemp and pucker a little and TA DA...not perfect but LOVED!

I am also working on a little project with the remnant burlap...stay tuned. :D


Anonymous said...

Love your little fall banner!!

The bookshelf was a great find too!!

Woke up to a cloudy and then rainy day- told DH I think I am going to have to get over the fact that I totally missed summer this year with the snake bite and start enjoying fall!


Dogwood said...

Nice bookcase. I love what you have fill it with and it DOES look very nice. Banners seem to be very populare lately and I love yours.