Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Fall

Yesterday it was officially Autumn. I am in denial...having a lame horse all summer made it feel like I didn't have a summer.
Now is time to mend fences (literally) and get the house ready. So much to do before the cold gets here.
Hope you are all getting out your pumpkins and Fall gear and bringing the season to life.


Anonymous said...

I Love the twig and bird candle stands! They are adorable! Cute arrangement!

I feel the same about Autumn being here and then to get snow on top of it all!!


Dogwood said...

Nice table decor. I love fall and I love decoration for fall. We have not felt fall yet in CA yet but should soon.

Daryl said...

Thanks for encouraging me to do some fall decorating... I'll try to dig some fun things out tomorrow. My house is still very much in "summer" mode.
Your decorations look oh so nice!