Monday, September 14, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

My old gal, Reckless, turns 16 today. This is old for any medium sized dog, but since Reck got into Ibuprofen as a four year old and has had decreased kidney function since is a bit of a miracle.
I got my old gal in November of 1993 as I was starting my Sophomore year of college. She went everywhere with me, even to some classes. She earned me some bonus points when I taught her some Spanish. Her last few years have been rough. She has lost her hearing and most of her eyesight. She was the smartest dog ever, and loved doing tricks, fetching and generally being a handful. Losing her senses has made her a little jumpy and I wonder sometimes if she thinks we are all mad all the time, since we 'don't talk to her anymore'.

When we moved to the farm a year ago I hoped she would make it ONE more spring so she could romp. Well, she did...and romp she has. She walks like an old dog, no longer trots (more paces) and has some failure in her spine...she no longer holds Chiropractic adjustments so we have halted them. However, she still RUNS to the barn....she still follows me down, and watches (our shadows?) as we work. She also give the other dogs 'what for'.

This is a hard time watching my old girl decline. I feel I am on a constant 'death watch'. She has been through thick and thin with me. I have had her longer than my husband, in a month (if she is around) I will have HER longer than I had a living mother....she is such a part of my life. However, I will not let her suffer a painful existence and when the light goes out in her eyes, I will make the hard phone call, rub her perfect ears and let her go....

Happy Birthday Heart Dog!


solarity said...

Happy birthday, Reckless.
I love that picture of her investigating the tree roots. Oh, the smells! If my poor human nose can be fascinated by them, what an encyclopedia of scents for her.

Mary Anne in Kentucky


Happy Birthday to your Best Friend :)

I had to let go of our Scout this spring... I so understand

Deb :)

Sean Patrick said...

Happy Birthday Reckless.
You've been a great caretaker for her Cheryl.
There is only one bad thing about dogs....they come and go too quickly in our lives.

Daryl said...

Look at her shine! 16 looks mighty good on her. Please rub her perfect ears for me...

Dogwood said...

What a sweet doggie. She looks like a very, very nice day. We sure do love our pets with their unconditional love for us. Enjoy your day. Dogwood