Friday, July 17, 2009

Meet the "crew"

Okay so my silkies are three months old. They are getting big. Well this big is a relative term since they are a Bantam breed. they are.....
The guy in front looking poodlesque is PUFFY or P-silkie. :D Beside him is Eminem, Fergie, Li'l Kim and hiding is Missy Elliot.
In case you missed the reference I named Puffy b/c of his topknot, then we started calling him Puff Daddy (a rapper), then we had the tiny black one we were calling Li'l Kim (also a rapper) so I named the rest for rappers. It is quite possible Li'l Kim is actually KEN, but so be it!

Here is another photo (up close) of a very miffed Puffy. He is unhappy to have been captured and sitting in my truck getting his close up. He really doesn't look this mad in real life. It is quite the fitting thing since he is a rapper.
I think it may be that Puffy is the only one with decent feathering, but they are all cute. They are also completely unbothered by my dogs. The other chickens (much bigger) won't go in the back yard. The silkies take their afternoon nap under a tree IN the dog area. The standard poodle thinks Puffy will eat him, I think.

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solarity said...

Oh, dear. Yet another breed I have to try. They're just too pretty!

Mary Anne in Kentucky