Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, D-bear!

My son, Duncan, the boy of a million nick-names, turns 11 today. It is hard to believe I was not his mother 11 years ago. I haven't spoken much of Duncan on this blog, because it is mostly about my home and farm, but today I diverge.

Today will be a day of pancakes shaped like 1's (two of them), Mexican for lunch, a swim in the pool (his big b'day gift from many), dinner with family and even the Starbucks Barista he invited. He will be excited, he will tell everyone, he will laugh and even cry. I know he will cry, b/c he gets himself so worked up over things that he can't contain it. He will ask if Papa Tom is coming to his party and he will cry worrying that he might miss someone. He will talk my face off tomorrow, say "Boo" to strangers, tell at least one person to 'eat a bug' and surely make ME cry.

Today Duncan's body turns 11, his mind is still 3, his heart is older than all of ours and his mother is proud.

I could write a whole book on Duncan, and actually KNOW I will someday, but today I say Happy Birthday Fuzzy Muzzle, Doodle Bug, D'bear, Funky Monkey....I adore you.


Jaci said...


Love you lots!!!

Aunt Jaci

Daryl said...

I love this post... this is your writing at its finest, when it comes straight from your heart.
Happy Day, D. Bear.
"Aunt" Hose