Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A terrible clutter in my inbox

I have an admission....I have OVER 28K unread mails in my inbox. I am on six too many yahoo groups. There are more unread and more in folders. My goal is to remove a NET of 1000 a day for the next month and get a relatively organized inbox.

I am goign to have to break down and go off some lists and on digest on others, it is a bad thing when your inbox makes you want to cry!

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solarity said...

Have you seen Merlin Mann's "Inbox Zero" series of posts? I can't find a link to all of them at once, but when you're there you can find the others:

I've never gotten that far behind (I am ruthless with the delete key) and parts of his method wouldn't work for me--my librarian instincts insist that what I keep be organized--but he's very motivating.

Mary Anne in Kentucky