Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just a couple of reasons

I won't use the word excuse, because I don't ever feel sorry when I am trucking along. I did miss my blogosphere and the people in it.

So on of the reasons I was absent for so long are horse-related. The mare above, Chai (October 2010 this photo) ended up very lame this summer and I considered euthanizing her, found her a good farrier and kept her going.

Another reason I have been absent is I am spending more time in the gym. By more time, I mean I was basically NOT fit or active as of November 2010, I had already lost 30 or so pounds by then, but not adding nearly enough activity. I joined the gym and even hired a trainer. The work has been hard, gruelling and honestly I Love it now. It is weird to be THAT person, the one who LIKES the gym, but I am! I am now 70lbs down in total and forty or so of that since last November.

So here is part of what I have gained by missing my blog:

My fit and happy 20 year old mare as sound as she ever has been and a new fitter body to fit into the saddle. It's a weird world when a friend can snap a photo and I not immediately say "if you put that on facebook I will hurt you". I have a few more pounds to go (20 or so), but I weigh what I did in college and feel amazing.

Funny thing is I would have NEVER posted that before picture until now. Now it isn't who I am, it's who I was and that seems less awful!

I'm glad to be back, but the gym is calling so I am out of here!


Debby said...

Congratulations. You look great.

solarity said...

Happy that you love the gym now! Glad to know the mare's doing well, too.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Anonymous said...

Goodness is has been too long since I have been over to say hi.

Wow so proud of you losing the weight! I know you much be feeling so much more energetic - so glad your mare is doing better too!

Well hope you have a great spring! We were teased with beautiful weather last week and today and tomorrow snow is coming!!

bee blessed