Friday, March 20, 2009

Look what we found!

There we were, pulling up old dead grass and crab grass to mulch around the daylilies here at the shop.
We went to pull the clump of grass there behind the rock (next to the metal flower) and it came up really easy...and was covered in fuzz?
Hmmm? Well further inspection gave us THIS!
No it's not a magic eye puzzle or a trick. It is....

See the tiny ears, eyes and paws? A whole heap of (five) baby bunnies!
Okay so I was a very good human and didn't touch them or smooch their little heads. I wish I had a night vision camera to catch vids of momma coming to take care of them.
Aren't they friggin cute?

Well we wer


Joanne Kennedy said...

How cute! I would be so excited. I would have had to pick them up and hold them. I know I'm bad!


Daryl said...

Ahhhh! SUCH cute pictures!
Happy Spring, happy baby bunnies...

D'Gaye said...

That is too cute....a great surprise!


Anonymous said...

It will be fun to watch these little bunnies grow up! Hopefully they will be thankful you saved them and will be nice to your daylillies and other plants!!