Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Being taken over by the bathroom

Since my 10 minute makeover I have been a bit obsessed with making the bathroom a happy place. Some new candles, bubble bath and just more happy from that room (actually both bathrooms) but now I think about how to make it a bit nicer each day.
Today I went to Goodwill (anyone surprised?) and really found nothing of interest except....border for bathroom. Don't freak out I am not putting a new border up after removing the ghastly one from before, i just had an idea.

So I went to Dollar Tree to round out my idea and here is what I came home with.
Roll of border (99c), Dollar tree photo frames (4 @ $1 ea) and that little thing of SOAP ROSES. Yes, I said soap roses. They are pretty and you can use them. I like it!
After getting the border I actually used a deposit slip to 'measure' each panel on the border and took that paper into the dollar tree. It works! In the above picture I have used the glass to measure 'frame' out my new inexpensive print and mark it with pencil. Then I simply cut it to size and framed it.

I will end up with FOUR of these pictures for 4.99c (plus tax, of course).

Oddly the frame actually goes well with the print, but I will most likely paint it a complementary color to my bathroom.
What do you think?
Oh, and while talking deals I got two Martha Stewart books for $4 at the Library sale. YAY!


Crafty Niche said...

What a great and thrifty idea! I took down the border in my bathroom and it looks pretty bad (although much better without the border) until I can get to my bathroom project to paint.

Anonymous said...

Great idea using the border for pictures!! dave would love you for your frugality!!


Joy said...

You have been pretty lucky with those Goodwill finds lately.
That was pretty clever to frame the vintage looking wallpaper border. They're going to look so cute in your bathroom!
Your other bathroom changes look great too!

solarity said...

A deposit slip! :-)
Since I spent years shopping for clothes at a thrift store that didn't allow you to try things on, there is always always always a measuring tape in my purse. (I miss that store almost as much as I miss my out of state friends!)

Mary Anne in Kentucky